The Pearl Thief

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The Pearl Thief is an audiobook for children. It is the prequel of the Code Name Verity novel series. The fictional book is written by Elizabeth Wein. She is a dual national with both British and American citizenship while she is American-born. She did a great job with the writing of her Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron novel. Another worth mentioning novel from the author is The Enigma Game.

The audio narration of The Pearl Thief novel is done by Maggie Service. This performance was quite good and exactly what the younger audience would like to have.

Julie Beaufort-Stuart was a 16 years old girl. She was making a return back to her ancestral home of her family in Perthshire. She came there for one last summer. It was not a pleasant type of return to her childhood home. The death of her grandfather forced her family to sell out the house and the entire estate. This will be a summer of goodbyes for her and her family.

But, this was not the case for the McEwen family. They were the Highland travelers who were part of that landscape for a very long time. They were loved by her family and at the same time loathed but the local authorities as well there.

Tension in the town was already quite high but it became worse when a well-reputed archivist from London went missing. He was presumed dead. McEwans in no time came under the radar of suspicion but Julie was sure that none among them would ever do such a thing. Moreover, she vowed to prove everybody wrong there.

This is a very entertaining book. However, there is a long kissing scene of two women in this book which was not good to have in this book for a younger audience.

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