The Racketeer

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John Grisham knows the art that how to connect with the audience who are looking for the most engaging mystery thrillers. He actually knows what his audience want and beautifully translates them into a worthy novel. His legal thrillers have helped him to become the New York Times best-selling author. The Racketeer is one such fine novel from the writer that earned him lot of praises from the audience and critics. For the narration part, J.D. Jackson made it one of his finest books as a narrator.

Given the significance of what all they do and the controversies that usually dominates them, and the fiery people who goes on to confront at times, it is highly remarkable that in this country’s history, just 4 active judges of the court have been murdered.

Judge Raymond Fawcett has just become the 5th judge to be murdered.

Who is Racketeer and what connection he has with the untimely death of the judge? His name for the time being is Malcolm Bannister. But, what is his job status? Is he a former attorney? Where does he live currently? The answer is, Federal Prison Camp, Maryland.

Malcom condition isn’t looking much good these days, on paper. But, he is known for having an ace up his sleeve. He knows that who has murdered Judge Raymond Fawcett and he knows the motive as well. The dead body of the judge was recovered in his lakeside cabin in a remote area.

The legal mystery thrillers from John Grisham are awesome and if you are looking to listen for of such audio books from the author, then go and check out his best novels that namely are: Sycamore Row and The Guardians.






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