The Undead, Part 11


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    R.R. Haywood has done an excellent job at character development but unlike so many authors who excel at character development. R.R. Haywood has equally excelled on the development of the story line. This is not just some mindless zombie tale! It is a well thought out, well developed story which keeps me coming back for more, the perfect blend of tension and humor.

    The first in the series was good but was nowhere near my top 5 zombie stories. However, it has with each new new one in the series it has sky rocketed up the list. It is now easily in my top 3, and one of those 3 is just there because it was the book that got me hooked on the zombie genre (thank you Keith C Blackmore).

    The only criticism I have of this one and it is only minor, but I have to mention it, just in case some might think I was paid or biased in some way. This one has a little too much ‘boyfriend girlfriend’ type tension… it may just be me… but I don’t think in this sort of situation I would even be thinking along those lines.

    Once again the Dan Morgan does an excellent job narrating multiple characters. I increased the speed to 1.25x not because it was slow but because I couldn’t get enough of the story. There is no problem at all with listening to it at 1.25x speed. This is good news for those of you who are just like me ‘so broke you don’t have two coins to rub together’, the dollar per hour listening equation is not greatly affected by narration speed. 12 hours of listening pleasure is such a surprise with so many titles in this genre now days going for 8 hours or less of late.

    The Undead, Part 11

    The FatMan totally approves of this one! Two fat thumbs raised and a massive grin is the official rating!

    I love that RR Haywood follows “a logical path” in some ways. It’s predictable only to keep the story familiar and relatable. But then he adds the genius…he includes unexpected and realistic conflict between main characters! Its been like this for almost the entire series and I love it! *** Give Joe Jameson a chance *** Initially I was not happy with the change in narrator…then I read that Dan Morgan refused to continue this series.

    Joe Jameson stepped up to continue one of my favorite audio series of all time, so I felt that I owed it to Howie & Co. to start fresh and give Joe a chance. By the end of this book, I realize that Joe is an incredibly talented actor! His voices for EVERYONE are better! IMO, Dan Morgan’s Dave was the only voice better…That said, Joe’s “Dave” is far more realistic given who Dave is. We got used to Dan’s more human sounding Dave, which made him so likeable. More great news: Joe is such a pro that he has taken the feedback and made some changes to Dave’s voice going forward.

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