The Seven

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The trilogy of the Vagrant came to the era of Vesper in the second part as she took the Gamma’s sword after her father. Her father was a real hero in the war zone and as he withdrew himself from the battlefield Vesper just filled in the empty place without hesitation.

The girl has the sword in hand now which according to many is not needed anymore because the enemy is finally defeated. Also, those who used to aid the enemy during the time of war have gone on the back foot and some of them have been locked up in dungeons by the human soldiers.

Time of happiness thus has returned to the homeworld and no one thinks of anything but the permanent joy which he hopes to find shortly. All of it was hard to believe but it was true, all those efforts in The Vagrant and The Malice have finally been rewarded by the heavens. After a while or two when the human race starts living in this hopeful sensation permanently the calamity comes to its doorstep with even bigger jaws.

“The Seven” finally awakes from its deep sleep and the humans find themselves at the mercy of a dark force which cannot be tamed by any weapon at their possession.

Peter Newman takes the story towards the big sacrifice in this finale and everything about this third part was even better than expected. The trilogy started years ago in the voice of Jot Davies and the narrator gets the honor of packing the story as well. Those fans who commit the error of picking this third part as a single book will not be able to feel the true emotions of the characters.

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