The Sixth Man


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    Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have solved murder cases of extreme terror; all the time they had one specialty that has kept them going i.e persistence. With not a lot of work in the office, the couple was waiting for something which could excite them and boast their career further. A call from Ted Bergin did the trick as the man was defending a famous killer Edgar Roy in the court. Ted needed the help of Sean and Michelle to prove Roy innocent in the court. The thing was tough but still, the two agreed because Ted was the one who trained Sean in the old days. Both the agents reached Ted but instead of the great attorney, they found his dead body lying in front of them.

    The Sixth Man

    Someone got rid of the lawyer to conceal the facts forever from the court. Sean and Michelle started doubting the whole court proceeding after this murder. They even start thinking that perhaps Edgar Roy is not even a serial killer; the man is just trapped in this big scenario. David Baldacci gives the general public a hint of the corrupt aristocracy that exists in every country. The crimes are committed by the upper class and then later the burden of these crimes is put on the shoulders of the innocent. Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy have narrated this story full of political conspiracies together. Split Second and Simple Genius talked about evil on the land and this one talks about the evil which exists in the government sectors. Because of this, the innocent are never able to defend themselves in a trial.

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