The Space Between

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Diana Gabaldon is back again with her absorbing novel, The Space between that already has created a lot of hype among the book fanatics. The narration of the book is taken care by Davina Porter and according to the feedback and the success of the book, she has done the job pretty well.

Diana Gabaldon is the best-selling author acclaimed in New York Times and her brilliant work is a clear advocate of this. The Space between is an exciting collage of history, adventure, thrill and suspense and this novel is available for the book buffs as a standalone audio book.

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Joan MacKimmie is all set on her route to Paris in order to pursue her vocation as a nun. Yet, the decision she took for being a nun in Paris is more out of fear than faith. It is due to the reason that Joan MacKimmie is beset with some extremely mysterious voices that give her the information about the future.

Precisely, it was more about those people who are about to die. The reservation of all the worldly nunnery promises break from all the prevailing unwanted calamities.  Michael Murray is her chaperone, who is a widower, still mourning the death of his spouse and finds himself influentially set towards his charge.

The Dragonfly in Amber and Outlander are a couple of other novels by Diana Gabaldon that gave her a good identification and recognition in the authors’ arena. You must read them to get the best flavor of what the author is capable of producing.


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