The Vampire Diaries, Book 3

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The Vampire Diaries, Book 3: The Fury

The Vampire Diaries, Book 3 is a young adult novel which is written by L. J. Smith. She is a supremely skillful author who has done some incredible work in the young adult genre. If you like such types of novels then you must try her The Vampire Diaries, Book 1, and The Vampire Diaries, Book 2 novels.

The audio narration of the book is handled by Rebecca Mozo. The performance of Rebecca in this novel was quite better, especially in comparison with her below-average performances in the earlier chapters of the series.

The story of this novel started with Elena. She was transformed. She was a golden girl who became the type that she once feared a lot in her life.

The story then introduced the character of Stefan. He was completely distressed after he lost Elena. On the other side, he was quite determined to bring his feud with Damon to an end. For this purpose, he was willing to go to any extent or whatever it cost him. However, very slowly he started to realize the fact that his brothers are not the only enemy he had. Finally, it came to the inclusion of Damon in this story. He managed to possess Elena at last. But, will it be possible for his thirst for revenge to positon his triumph against Stefan?

The characters of the novel seem to be way too underdeveloped while the story was just fine. This third installment in the Vampire Diaries didn’t live well up to the expectations of the listeners. In terms of the content, the first two chapters in the series were way better than this.

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