Trigger Warning

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Neil Gaiman’s work is like a world in which you can enter easily however leaving it becomes impossible. Leaving the imaginative world of the author is difficult because most of the time you don’t want to leave. Variety is the key in Neil’s stories according to most of the critics but that is not correct. Stories are enriched with sceneries that we have never witnessed in the real world or the world of fiction before. The author starts talking about strange creatures in the starting stories and then the focus shifts towards the ghosts.

To make things more horrifying Neil starts thinking about life after death. Amazing really to see a person present in the world of flesh and talking about the other domain of life in so much detail. It seems that the author has somehow visited that domain after which he started writing about it with so much confidence. “Trigger warning” has outclassed Norse Mythology and The Sandman in all the formats. Worlds beyond our imaginations come to life before us in moments and we become a part of it without even knowing it.

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Characters like “Doctor Who” please and amaze the audience in the same period. Whoever gets into listening to this book would surely get lost in this mesmerizing world for more than a week. The images from different stories will not stop coming into your mind as they weave into different patterns. Suspense and thrill are garnished by special effects that are induced in the scenes on every important occasion thus overall it is a good smooth rise till the last page of the book. Member Benefit

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