Under the Whispering Door

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T.J. Klune brings everything in one single story in the best possible way. In every novel, there is love, tragedy, and a flavor of comedy too which keeps every listener awake. Though this variety made Krit Graves’ job a little tough as the narrator of the story it is a fine story indeed.

Wallace Price’s fate has been decided at the beginning of the novel when the reaper comes to his funeral for his soul. It was quite obvious that Wallace was going to the other world and his days in the world of the living have ended permanently.

The reaper took him to a tea shop instead of the other world which was quite shocking. Hugo i.e the owner of the tea shop was a ferryman to the souls and for a living, he was just an ordinary man who serves tea. Wallace learned a lot about life from Hugo and wished that he would have more time to enjoy life completely.

He thought that he was not provided with sufficient time in the human world. Then the Manager came to the scene and gave Wallace exact seven days during which he could cross to the other world.

During these seven days, Wallace could remain in the world of the living and can try a thing or two which he has missed. The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Lightning-Struck Heart perhaps had more romance in them as compared to the current novel but this story has more depth. The concept of the life between the living and the dead is not new but it is told extensively.

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