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This is the first book of the series by Neal Shusterman which takes us deep down to the streets and alleys of the cities where the teens that wander about in town are always hunted for their body parts and thus their lives and future is always on the line if they have lack of connection with their families or are a runaway case.

The story tells us about the degeneration of the society that has fallen to such depths that the word “inhuman” is perhaps not that effective anymore. The second objective of the tale could also be considered as the fate of those who reject their families in one way or the other. The plot and the continuation of the story give us a hint that we would soon be viewing the next parts in the market.

The group of young children also makes us remember Tesla’s Attic in which a group of children combine forces to the impossible task. Every child has his or her own background that is quite different from the rest for example Conner’s family wanted to throw him out of the house as they never liked him, Lev’s is the one whose fate was always written on the wall and Risa never have people whom he could call family.

These three children fight quite zealously against the society that works like a mafia, treating teenagers like lab rats, using them for money and experimentation purpose. Luke Daniels narrates in a rather sentimental way as all the tree characters are quite closely attached to one another because they have no one else to count on except for themselves. The novel also portrays a major theme that you should strive for your life as long you are alive.      



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