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Natalie Simpson wanted to give her best through the narration of this wonderful novel. Nikki May presents us with the life of three women who are missing a few things in their life. They want to have the best in their lives but somehow they have not been able to achieve that goal. They happen to be friends and have tried to help one another as well but the problems seem to be of the non-ending type. Ronke wants the perfect life with the husband of her choice, moreover, she wants to have kids too in order to complete a happy family.

Kayode seems to be the ideal man for her but her friends present around her think that she is making a big mistake in her life. The man does not appear to be a sincere lover who could be with her forever. Then there is Simi who is fighting with some severe psychological issues over the years. Her husband thinks that a baby can solve the problems in their love life but Simi is thinking in another direction.

If things go on like this for a long time then their marriage will suffer for sure. Boo is the third one in the trio and she has a loving husband and a child, something which the other two want in life. Still, Boo is not happy with her life because there are those old thoughts that are haunting her in the present.

As in Companion Piece the author comes up with another character later in the novel with the name Isobel. Isobel enters the friendship circle very quickly and at first, the three women enjoy her company later they realize that she is truly dangerous to them.

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