Rogue Knight


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Many of the kids, youth and in fact people of varying ages find Brandon Mull as a really fascinating writer. His work is primarily dedicated for the young listeners but others also find it quite amusing. A few of the outstanding works that Brandon Mull have done can be seen in Fablehaven, Book 1 and Fablehaven, Book 2 novels.

Rogue Knight is another sensational novel by the author. The book is part 2 of the Five Kingdoms novel series. After a good performance in the opening chapter, Keith Nobbs gets another chance to give another good performance, which he actually did in Rogue Knight.

Cole Randolph, the prime character was never meant to come to The Outskirts. But he had to take this step when his folks got kidnapped on Halloween. He had to save them. He is trapped in a weird world that lies somewhere between dreaming and wakefulness, life and death, and imagination and reality. The search of Cole for his mates took him to Elloweer, which is another 1 out of the Five Kingdoms of which The Outskirts is made of. This time, he had the support of Mira, Jace and Twitch. They are all his new friend whom he had met in The Outskirts. They were all there on their own critical missions.

Rogue Knight

The group in The Outskirts is following the news that Hoor, sister of Mira could be in high danger. However, Mira and Cole are the ones who are facing some direct serious threat. They should revert to the new type of magic in order to protect themselves. The journey undertook by them brings across a number of familiar faces.



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