When Breaks the Dawn


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    Marrying Wynn was big experiment that Elizabeth did with her life and though she loves the man but she has been trying to make her life pleasant. New problems emerge from everywhere and it is the surrounding that is hurting the newlywed couple.

    Being not the coward type they have planned to face the hardships but luck has not been favoring them to the maximum till now. Elizabeth possesses the passion of teaching and when the audience met her in When Comes the Spring she was teaching the locals in the West with full attention.

    Her profession happens to be the first thing she was worried about at the time of her marriage and now in the North she with the help of her husband establishes a new school. Both of them think that their lives have been restored to normal after the opening of the school but fate gives them another jerk. Janette Oke puts another hurdle in front of her main characters in the form of a transfer.

    When Breaks the Dawn

    Time for a new posting crush these two much further and their personal life comes into question. Whether the two loves each other or the duty call is much important to them is a question that draws a line between the two. It’s a wonderful drama of emotions in which hopes are crushed much often but Elizabeth and Wynn are not giving up that easily. Second episode again in Nancy Peterson’s voice is just as charismatic as the previous one. No pause and the style of the West still appear in the voice though the two are not always in the same region.

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