Whispers in the Shadows

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Everyone loves love stories and for this people love to find the various love stories written by famous writers. This is also a great love story but it is there with a certain twist in it. It surely captures and captivates the attention very quickly as the title says it all. The story encourages experience the feelings and the happenings around and how the people will be going to interact or react with the emerging scenarios.

The love story was written by Heather Beck and it has been narrated by Jeanne Pilgrim Mayo enchants the feelings of love and the mystery behind the feelings so intensely that no one could ever resist.

The dilemma within the story that keeps the interest of the listeners is unique as you can find love and terror at the same time along with the mysterious happenings around. The story is full of all events and the imaginary characters who bring out the mesmerizing feel for the listeners.

The mermen who emerge from the ocean and the way the events occur is so seductive and enchanting that you would never be able to leave the story until listening till its end.

Alongside the feelings of love and passion the listeners are also given the best experience they could get from the double-sided aspects of love where there is love, there is always a darker side of it as well.

So if you are willing to experience the dual sides of the love story that revolves around the unearthly things that are never seen before then you can surely get this story as one of your topmost priorities so that you may enjoy the mystery behind the love story in the best way you can.Other such stories could also be interesting if you love listening to this one in your spare time including Shivers, Frostbitten and What Legends Are Made Of.




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