Will of the Reaper

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Will of the Reaper is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the 7th book in The Last Reaper novel series which is written by J.N. Chaney and Scott Moon. They both make a fantastic pair of science fiction and fantasy novel authors. If you are interested in more of their work then go with the Hunt of the Reaper novel. Another recommended novel written by the duo is Wrath of the Reaper novel.

Tom Taylorson is the narrator of this novel. The performance met all the quality standards of narration and that made it an exciting audiobook experience for the listeners.

When Dr. Ayers maximized the DNA of an alien who was long-dean then the Last Reaper got stuck in an unprecedented condition. The Sansein were not supposed to be as extinct as Dr. Ayers originally thought it to be.

Those aliens were lethal and possibly benevolent. They were all bound to react extremely badly to the things that were done against their fallen kin. Life was never so simple for a Reaper. The evacuation fleet on the other side had many old enemies which couldn’t be avoided for a longer time. But, the secret enemies were also keeping a big secret and that might protect all of them.

This novel hasn’t caught too many eyes and ears so far in the audio format. But, those who have tried have excellent things to say about it. You will not only like the story and the characters of this novel, but you will love the audio performance as well. This might also make you go with the whole The Last Reaper series from scratch.

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