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Loneliness and isolation kill a man faster than cancer, a helpless being with no social contacts just goes down very quickly. This has been the feeling of Wen Spencer’s two new characters in this fourth book of the series. Louise Mayer and Jillian the two twin sisters live in the hustle and bustle of New York but somehow they feel that they are alone as they don’t fit in the scenery. They go to school and have many class fellows there but none of them is their friend. Being isolated from the community the two girls think of other things most of the time like science and magic. Together the two try to dig into their past as well of which they have no clue.

On their birthday when the two girls reach the age of nine they get a surprise of a lifetime. Everything they wanted to know about their family is finally revealed to them. Spencer brought to light secrets in Tinker and Wolf Who Rules and the author uses similar tools here. Louise and Jillian come to know that their mother was an astronaut and their father was an expert in making gadgets.

Their elder sister is trapped on Elfhome and there are other four brothers and sisters who are in the embryonic state still. Those who are in the embryonic state will be erased from the world after six months. The two little sisters thus decide to act fast in this regard and go on a mission which is narrated by Tanya Eby. The twins accept this challenge on their own and they show readiness to face the evil which is trying to eat up the remaining members of their family.

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