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“Yesterday” is a sort of thriller that confuses you at first as you fail to comprehend that what is happening around you as the writer Felicia Yap has presented a new sort of world in the novel, a world that is based on two groups one is supposed to be the upper class and the second one is the lower class.

The discrimination, however, is not as it usually is in the human world. Here the discrimination exists because of the ability of the people to remember. The more they can remember the more their worth in society takes an ascend. The first group is named as the Monos who have a memory of twenty-four hours only and the second group is branded as the Duos that possess two days memory record, but even this is not enough if you are investigating a murder and especially the one that can become a cause of the fight between the two groups.

Mark and Claire married despite the fact that they belonged to the opposite groups just to bring the two groups together as both of them belonged to the different sections of the society. Everything went well for them until Claire is found dead and the police suspect Mark more than anyone. The case becomes a tough ask as Mark’s memory is erased after every twenty-four hours and the chances to catch the murder becomes more and more feeble.

There is also a detective who possesses a complex character as well and makes the whole case more interesting than ever. Rory Kinnear and Indira Varma help us a lot in the understanding of the story through their narration that never loses energy not even for a single word.  Enjoy listening to the novels including Look Again – Lisa Scottoline and The Sleep Room – Frank Tallis for more suspense filled time.


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