A Cosmology of Monsters

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A Cosmology of Monsters is a well written novel by author, Shaun Hamill. It is a fictional horror novel with excellent scenes and situations to inspire a big lot of audiences. The narration of the novel is given by Sean Patrick Hopkins, with the voice, which is the need of such type of horror fiction novel.

The book exceptionally captures and combines the H.P. Lovecraft mythos with a contemporary family story, which is under serious destruction threat from supernatural powers.

The story tells about a monster who goes on to stalk a family well across their generations. A hidden city is there that summons beyond imagination. The story has trauma, human suffering, fear, human infirmity and loss at the hands of the monster.

Noah Turner was the one who sees monsters. Earlier, it was his father who used to see them. He also built for them with the Wandering Dark. It was a horrible and terrifying experience, which the entire family was going through.

The practical mother of Noah just see glimpses of the monster but she refuses to believe in them. Rather, she was much focused on keeping the family together and don’t let them fall apart with all these supernatural things being experienced. Sydney, his eldest sister totally denied the existence of monsters. But, then there was some glowy spotlight on her and she got swallowed.

Noah used to see all those monsters, definitely. But, he used to let them in the house, unlike his family.

A lot of critics and book fanatics compares the aura of this book equivalent to Stephen Hawking’s It.

Other well-known and worthy novels from Shaun Hamill include The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series: Book 1 – 4 and Rivals 2! More Frenemies Who Changed the World.



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