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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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George R. R. Martin wrote the history of the dragon world in parts and the parts can be considered in a sequence. The author provides every bit of information about the iron throne and those who once occupied it after creating it of course. The age of dragons is not a myth at all as people who are alive possess a fade memory of the last of the kind dying away in front of their eyes. Wars and fights are chivalric still as more and more people rise to fight for the throne that is without the dragon riders now.

Most think that the defense is now gone but that is not the case at all heroes emerge in every century making their name and fighting for an epic cause. Duncan and Egg are no different, warriors who have selected their fate and are ready to fight no matter who the enemy is the two are ready. Duncan’s trusted partner and front  man in fight “Egg” keeps his true identity hidden no one knows the purpose behind the thing but it is a secret. Martin keeps the events collected and compiles the saga well.

It is history no doubt but history that is alive to some extent, the fans who listen to it in the voice of Harry Lloyd can feel the battlefield. One thing was visible in A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings as well and that was the depiction of the rivals in a lofty way.

They are not like the mean devils that conspire behind your back and afraid to fight. The enemy possesses a code of its own that is followed in every act of war.





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