A Merciful Truth

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Working for the FBI became Mercy Kilpatrick’s destiny when she was abandoned by her family for several reasons. Another family with issues of its own provided refuge to Mercy and from there she joined the one department which could digest a crazy woman like her. Her job or we can call her next mission takes her back to her hometown where she is not welcomed very warmly. This impacts her mind but she tries to keep herself focused on the mission. A teenage group in this small town started some pranks with the adults of the locality. At first, everyone thought that the pranks were for the sake of fun and then later the outcome of the pranks became serious.

Two deputies of the police department get killed as a result of these pranks. Thus the department launches a serious investigation with the help of the team including Mercy and Police chief Truman Daly.  Together the two starts investigating the teenage group first and then the clues lead them to a big gang that is planning against the government in a big way.

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Mercy tries to dig deep very quickly and is astonished to see her connection with the case stronger than she thought. Kendra Elliot has woven fiction before in The Last Sister and The Silence so for those who have experienced those novels this one was the same quality stuff narrated by Teri Schnaubelt. References from the past were there in many parts of the story but they were not detailed as the author has tried to keep us in the present on most of the occasions.

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