Agnes at the End of the World

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Just like the name suggests the book revolves around Agnes i.e a girl who finds herself in a world that is beautiful and safe but that is just the outlook. Agnes lives in Red Creek a place governed by a prophet who guides the people in all their ways and habits. Despite many great things the prophet has done for the land Agnes still finds his personality doubtful because he stops everyone from going to the outside world. Agnes younger brother develops a strange sort of malady with no cure in Red Creek. She knows she cannot go against the prophet but she thinks that losing her brother is also not a good idea at all.

Thus the girl goes to the outside world for the insulin which her brother needs. During this tour, she meets a boy from the outside world named Danny who provides her a different knowledge about the word “faith”. Agnes finally starts thinking like her little sister Beth for whom Red Creek is just a cage and nothing else.

Agnes along with her brother jumps out of the domain of Red Creek but what she finds outside is not a pleasant scene as well. The outside world is devastated by a virus and Agnes somehow seems to be immune to it. Kelly McWilliams work in the voice of Brittany Pressley is just a pure classic that can be enjoyed at every step. The background which we observe at every stage and in every scene just doesn’t allow us to shift our attention elsewhere. Our mind just totally walks with Agnes in her perilous journey for survival.

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