American Princess

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This is a novel that can make you drift with its topic that is chosen well by Stephanie Marie Thornton. The writer portrays the life of a girl who is the daughter of the president, but at the same time she is a girl who wants to have a personal life of her own as well. No one can live behind the four walls of the protected president’s house where there are no friends, no informal parties are allowed and the young children cannot hangout late at night without proper security.

Alice is the president’s daughter but to her that means she cannot play poker in the open, she cannot smoke freely in the house or in the general public because the family cannot afford a scandal of any sort.

Alice on the other hand wants to rebel against the laws and wants to create waves that could shock the whole state within no time. She even uses her seductive nature in front of other politicians to rise in power so that she too can be praised as a celebrity in Washington. 

The novel is full of turns and twists where the girl who wants to rise by entangling other politicians, herself fall a prey to the sweet talk of a congressman which ruins are stature and future at the same time and life suddenly becomes hell for her. Still the girl possesses the enthusiasm to rise high and maintain her new face in society.

Elizabeth Wiley has narrated in such a way that the character of the princess becomes more clear in the eyes of the listener and also it looks more appealing as well because of the rise and fall of the tone.



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