And Then She Fell

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And Then She Fell is the 19th chapter in the multi-volume Cynster saga. The novelist, Stephanie Laurens has beautifully written this novel, which helped her make the fan base even bigger. The entire Cynster series went on to become the bestselling series in the New York Times. Stephanie Laurens herself became the bestselling author for quite a long time. If you are looking for more novels by Stephanie Laurens then All About Love and All About Passion. Novels can be a good place to start with.

The narration of And then She Fell novel is done by Matthew Brenher in his awe-inspiring voice. This is a romantic novel and the narrator has the best possible voice to go with such a novel.

The novel is irresistible and another one from the beloved Cynster family. The Cynster family tree is diverse with lots of things to share about. The one thing more upsetting than a Cynster man is actually a Cynster woman. The Cynster women are of the opinion that love is not their destiny ever. The story is about Henrietta Cynster who is famously known as “The Matchmaker” in the London society. She has some uncanny skills that helps in the prevention of ill-fated nuptials. However, it wasn’t a thing to fall as a victim to the spell of Cupid.

Then, she goes on to disrupt a match and feels great honor in supporting the handsome James Glossup. The need was to find a compatible bride for a convenient marriage. The task looked to be complicated but not impossible.

You will enjoy this novel going through different twists until it reaches its climax.

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