Artemis Fowl Movie Tie-In Edition

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It is a story of a twelve year old boy who has more money than a businessman with a healthy business. Boy has not inherited all the material wealth rather he claims that he has earned it with his mental genius. For many people of the town the boy is just another thug who never got caught in his short criminal career.

Artemis Fowl does not care what the people think of him, all he cares is thud of the coin bag. Getting one tough job and then another Artemis Fowl makes a good name for him in the underworld but then a deal goes wrong for him. By accident he kidnaps a fairy that happens to be quite different as compared to those he read about in the story books in his early childhood.

After that life changes for him very quickly and unexpected things surround him from all sides. For Artemis first preference is to save his skin from the wrath of the terrifying Fairies. Eoin Colfer starts this first book in passionate words narrated by Nathaniel Parker. Previously written The Eternity Code and The Lost Colony were not precisely for the kids but this series is a newly designed fairy tale for the kids.

Also in the world of fiction, Eoin portrays a new face of the fairies. The fairies are cute apparently but their nature is just like that of the evil witches, they don’t forget the bad deeds of others and like to pay it back in the same coin. There are very few primary characters in the novel so it is easy to keep focus on the main characters all the time instead searching for them in the chapters.



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