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It was fate that brought Kai and Aurora close to each other because when Kai planned to save her there was nothing else in his mind. Kai didn’t know that an ordinary human girl will shape the future of his pack later on. Aurora became an asset for the pack and when the enemies started coming for her, Kai decides to protect her at any cost. The vampires and witches which were painted by Leia Stone during Matefinder: Volume 1 and Devi are still after Aurora.

Kai has put Aurora on a mountain where the entire pack is protecting her. The survival of the pack is depending on this girl who used to be human once. Aurora also knows her worth now and she is not afraid to complete the task that she is fated to perform. Layla is the target for Aurora and she wants to find her as quickly as possible. Layla has been hiding for a very long time and Aurora wants to have her hands on Layla. The duel can end the war and it can end in both ways.


If Layla wins by getting rid of Aurora then everything which the werewolves hold dear will vanish along with her. This is the last part of the series that Dara Rosenberg has narrated and it is a new kind of Aurora which we witness. She is not of the same kind who used to face terrible things in her house rather she wants to come out and rip her enemies apart. Their werewolf instinct is clearly showing on her now and Kai does not have to worry about her.



Wolf Girl


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