Becoming Rain

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Suspense and mystery is the next section of literature that K.A. Tucker has touched through Burying Water and now comes its second episode. After the first episode related to the girl named Water the fans have been waiting for this part with quite eagerness. Narrators are also the same i.e Josh Goodman and Elizabeth Louise which also brings the associations of the fans back to a great extent. Crime not always lands one in jail sometime in decorates the life of the criminals like Rust.

Rust happens to be the biggest car thief and yet no charges are ever put against him because he leaves no evidence. Next in line is his nephew Luke Boone who likes his uncle’s business and lifestyle and is sure that it is the right profession for him as well.

Seeing his interest in the business his uncles hands him the keys to the business and the aims of this young lad go sky hi. In the mean time the police are also on their tail and this time they hire Clara Bertelli for the undercover work because the department knows that they have to destroy this illegal business from the inside.

Clara enters Luke’s life with a new name i.e Rain and gets the attention of the hotshot within no time. The job looked easy apparently but then Rain started enjoying the luxury and the love that she got through Luke. She starts thinking that giving all this up just for the sake of her profession is perhaps not the right thing to do. The author no doubt describes the element of temptation in the best possible way through this novel.

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