Savage Dominion



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Luke Chmilenko and G.D. Penman have done it again by creating an awesome new series for the fans all around the globe. These two have the potential to create wonders for the audience and they have done exactly that in this series. Ascend Online and Glory to the Brave are the evidence of creativity which the two authors have in their pens.

A real master narrator i.e Luke Daniels has been selected for the narration of this first part so it is a complete package for the fiction lovers. Maulkin died just like an ordinary human and he was thinking of a peaceful afterlife at the moment he died, ironically it didn’t happen.

The man emerged in a dungeon world where his job is to slay monsters if not then the monsters will hunt him down. Amaranth is not like the human world at all and Maulkin appears in this world with a sword in hand which means that he is reborn to fight.

Savage Dominion

An ancient force has called him back from the dead and has given him unlimited power to fulfil the task which cannot be accomplished by an ordinary human being. Maulkin at first becomes amazed at his newly acquired body and powers, later he starts enjoying everything for which he has been chosen. The task however keeps on mounting more and more pressure on the head of the warrior because the enemy which he is going to face in the end is surely matchless in powers. Dying in a useless way for the second time is not something which Maulkin has in mind for himself on this occasion.


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    1 thought on “Savage Dominion”

    1. Started out ok. The banter between Maulkin and Mercy is fun, the powers are cool. Literally everything else sucks though. The world, the mobs, the quests, Maulkins senseless internal rambling. I quit about two thirds in. Luke Daniels wasn’t even that good. He has some crappy voices in his repertoire. And he uses all of them in this audiobook.


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