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When Edward W. Robertson launched the first part of the “Breaker” series no one ever expected that the series would come this far. Epic battles, fights and treachery are apparent, heroes are made and many are slaughtered in the war. Both sides are determined to fight for their cause and they think that their objectives are right.

Ray Chase goes on without any change in the pattern or passion which is plenty in the narrator’s voice. The series is extraordinary type because the story does not harp on the same pattern throughout. At every point and in every part there is something unique that enriches the series with a variety. If we move through books like Cut Off  and Relapse  we witness that there is a different spice in every part. First we witness the survival story and then the alien invasion all of a sudden grips our mind, there are some hint of association with other stories of the conventional type.

The people are from different places and from different origin but one way or the other their lives interact with one another. Over all the whole series is a colorful journey which has a little love scenes in it and a lot of war involved.

The creatures in the fantasy have their weaknesses and strength, chance and coincidence don’t play a vital role at any place and everything happens because of one’s own doings. The journey in this part is also epic, the ending cannot be considered unique but still it is loaded with stuff that will keep the fans engaged and guessing all the way till end.

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