Cold Moon over Babylon

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Cold Moon and Babylon is horror fiction which is also ranked as the Valancourt 20th Century Classics. It is written by Michael McDowell. He was a phenomenal writer of horror novels and entertained the fans of the genre with many such novels. He was highly praised for The Elementals which is also a classic. Moreover, Gilded Needles is another stunning novel by the author.

Scott Brick narrated Cold Moon over Babylon and took it to another level with his astonishing performance. The feel he gave for this story and characters through his voice is unbeatable.

Babylon was a sleepy small town in Alabama. It was the town where the Larkin family many years ago suffered a tragedy. They were just about to endure another, which could be even worse. Margaret, a 14 years old girl would be robbed by a killer of all her innocence. The killer was unimaginable and well beyond the reach of the law.

There was something very weird happening in Babylon. There were cases of ghostly hands coming right through the kitchen sink’s drain, the traffic lights showing the eerie blue, and the graves erupting at a local cemetery causing a relentless march of terror.

Moreover, there was a human shape creature right beneath the surface of the river taking its form. The murderer was pursued night after night. The night of the full moon over Babylon was the worst as it look for a terrible vengeance.

The story of the book is very interesting with well-developed characters and excellent narration. It will inspire you not only with its incredible writing by Michael McDowell but also with the flawless narration given by Scott Brick.

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