Dark Guardian


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Dark Guardian is the 9th chapter in the Dark saga. It is a book written by Christine Feehan who is known for producing the best romance fantasy novels. The author is tremendously well talented and there is an enormous range of books available to prove her capabilities and skills in literary writing. If you are looking for more exciting novels from the author then do check out here Dark Ghost and Dark Slayer novels.

The narration of this chapter is handled by Patrick Lawlor. It was a below average performance and his voice was quite distracting. He struggled to pronounce the names of the leading characters properly. Moreover, the nasal voice at times was highly frustrating. He has to do quite a bit of work on his narration abilities if he is entrusted with any such task in the future.

Dark Guardian

The story in this novel starts with Jaxon who is actually a woman hunted. She is trained hard by the Special Forces and was honed by a very traumatic childhood. She is a successful policewoman apparently with a repute that is totally undisputed. She manage to meet her match when she is trapped into a plan to be killed by the murderers. She was hunted on all sides and she only had one option to turn to that mysterious stranger. The stranger seems to be a highly dangerous person and more than anyone else whom she has met or seen in her entire life.

Christine has an emphatic storytelling ability and this novel. Dark Guardian is a true reflection of that. You will really enjoy this novel and perhaps lose yourself in the entire saga.


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