Dark in Death

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Susan Ericksen narrate the latest part of the thrilling suspense series that reaches its forty sixth part with the same enthusiasm in which it started more than a decade ago. J.D. Robb has kept everything intact since the beginning. The series also goes big in horizon after the last part Secrets in Death that touched the social aspects of the society. The unique stabbing case once again emerges in the cold nights of the town in which the murderer used an ice pick to kill Chanel Rylan.

There was no trace because the tool melted as soon as the police arrived on the scene and no finger prints could be retrieved. Chanel was with a friend that night that was still not able to believe what he saw after a few moments when he had gone out for a call. He thinks that this is all a big movie scene from the past and is something unreal. But the blood that runs from Chanel’s neck proves that the whole thing is real and someone has taken revenge on her. It also gives the hint that the killer was always living close to them waiting for the right time.

The lead like always is provided to Eve out of nowhere as she receives a call from a story writer who tells her that the whole crime resembles the crime scene written in her book. It means that the criminal or the murderer is following the writer’s tales to some extent. The motive however still remains hidden like always loading the climax with a lot of energy and producing haste in the mind of the listener.




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    Secrets in Death

    438 Days


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