Dark Origins

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    Dark Origins is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the 14th chapter in The Messenger novel series. It came out of the pen of J. N. Chaney and coauthor, Terry Maggert. They both produced some sensational titles in the subject series and one of them is Worlds Apart. Another novel from the author from another series is Red Bounty.

    Jeffrey Kafer continued his performance in this novel with the same enthusiasm and passion in his voice that he had in the first chapter of the series.

    There was a ship that emerged just next to the rising stretch of the Kingsport. At that time, a captivating story was told by the captain. Deepers were all among the humans in the territory where Dash started his march leading towards greatness.

    The enemy had no intentions to stand still. The Battle Princes and Bishops attacked all across a huge front. It led the Deeper’s fleets to come up with the straddle that could bridge right between machine and life.

    Dark Origins

    Dash and his people were fighting hard over a period that spanned into light-years. That was something big enough to boggle the mind. They were drawn much deeper in the big black where nobody has ever gone before. Or, that was what they thought at that time. There was a small encouragement of humanity that drifted completely out of the place where the light of days was known to be much older than the history of humanity.

     This is yet another book that will make you deeply immersed in The Messenger series. The listeners hope and want that more such books will come in this saga.

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