Day By Day Armageddon

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L. Bourne describes another one of the zombie stories but it is told differently and the struggle to becomes epic. War in the story was the same old type i.e it is one man against the rest of the contaminated world. People of the earth were living a happy life when the catastrophe approached them. None was ever prepared for an attack such as deadly as this one that did not give the human race a second chance to fight back. Warships and warriors turned into corpses before they even know it.

Worse started to happen later, the dead started returning to life in the form of zombies. One town of the U.S and then another turned into those nightmarish creatures except one man who didn’t lose hope. He started running for his life and kept on fighting against the darkness that spread everywhere around. Along with survival, he must reach to the cause of this gigantic happening which might soon engulf him too.


Jay Snyder narrates the struggle with full force, most of the time we see that the tone is breathless because the hero was constantly running away from the danger.

The conclusion of the book does not conclude the story, for this, the fans have to go through other parts such as Beyond Exile and Ghost Run. For those who want quick conclusions in the story, this series is not an ideal pick because one listening to it would always need patience. Development of the story is slow and though there is a lot of action going on all around still nothing reaches any result for a long time


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