Days of Rage

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Ray Porter is back to narrate another book associated to history. This time it’s Bryan Burrough who conceals some hidden aspects of the revolutionary violence in an age that has been forgotten for decades. Now people don’t remember the Liberation army or the Black Liberation Army because these things have lost their importance now. No one can feel the energy or enthusiasm of the time because no one was ever connected to this era, groups or people. There was however one thing that has never left to make a small place in the mind of whoever goes through it.

The writer takes us to 1970s when almost for ten years the FBI fought with the revolutionary movement that was a constant pain for the governments of that time. No spy from other country was involved in any of the situations the revolutionist were homegrown as they were pure Americans raised on the same soil.

Many people even at that time condemned the FBI’s steps against the revolutionists who could have been dealt with in an easy and less barbaric way. Now the deed has been done and after four decades same situations are faced by the FBI once again and once again there is no foreign hand involved.

The youth that is smuggling bombs include all those who are the true natives of the land. The writer quite beautifully mixes the two era and we get a taste of Barbarians at the Gate once again, this time connected to real history of the United States.  Never before in history has any writer selected such a topic, the topic also shows writer’s deep connection with the root causes of terrorism in the United States.






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