Dead Until Dark

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Book is narrated by Johanna Parker but in the story all the things are narrated by the lady named Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is not only the primary character of the novel but it is through her that we come to know everything about the vampires.

Being a waitress by profession she meets many men and women during her job hours among those were a vampire that she met once. Bill Compton was not anything that Sookie has seen before in her life. Being a vampire Bill had a bright skin tone and appealing features that make him irresistible to the ladies. Problem that the two confronted was the same old one i.e vampires were not allowed to move in the human world.

Then a big change appeared in the human world, synthetic blood was created which the vampires could use to quench their thirst. Towns and cities suddenly opened their gates to vampires because they don’t have to drink human blood anymore. Also the humans started using the vampire’s blood as a cure for their physical ailments.

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This good news changes Sookie’s life forever because she gets the chance to be with the love of her life forever. Charlaine Harris has launched a really humorous series, there is mystery too but terror like that found in the vampire tales is non-existent. Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead are likely to have the same sort of stories in them. This was more of an introduction of the vampire world and the next books will show that the new experiment i.e a life with the vampires was a good decision or not.


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