Deadly Decisions

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Listening to such a novel makes your mind think like a detective all the time, there are murders taking place all around with no clues. Dr. Temperance Brennan the forensic specialist does a superb job in bringing criminals with hideous crimes to justice. If the good doctor would not have been there several psychopaths would have escaped the police and crime detective agencies in Deja Dead and Death du Jour.

Another madman comes in the town with his eyes set on the targets and thus the police finds one dead body and then another. Tempe’s resting days are over as she listens about Emily Anne who got shot on the street. The girl was just nine years of age so she had no enmity with any gang of the town neither she had any property or wealth to her name. The question is that why someone killed her and that too in the middle of the road does it mean that someone wants to spread terror in the public.

Second one to go to the gallows is a teenager whose body is found in a much worse state far from her house. Tempe comes to the south and here she finds a culture which has crime in its roots and thus finding a criminal is not easy. There is also a chance that the crimes are not committed by the same criminal. Kathy Reichs draws the picture of a lawless society that is haunted by gangs and killers. Lorelei King starts well but there are questions on the narrator’s finishing, especially the speed of narrating investigations scenes is quicker than average and understanding issue arises because of this.

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