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The start was romantic and there was much fantasy in it when the listeners were told about the growing of wings. All of it looked like a miracle for the new emerging faerie, after these few beautiful moments the reality started to open before her slowly. Her tragic fate appeared to be her destiny till she met the powerful Tamani who promised to protect her at all cause. Together the two developed a nice relationship but from Laurel’s side, it was never the feeling of love that the other one wanted so desperately.

There were some warm hugs exchanged between the two but not the true love kiss. The love of the girl remained loyal to David and he too reached a point where he just could not let Laurel slip out of his hands. Hidden agendas have come to light in this last portion of the series. Secrets were kept by Aprilynne Pike in Wings and Spells, in the last chapter the author tells us all about the plans of Yuki.

Tamani and David are the only two on Laurel’s side and it was a little troublesome for Mandy Siegfried to narrate both at the same time with the same emotions. The story carried on in a lighter tone in the initial parts; there were emotions but not terrible losses.

The last chapter clarifies to the listeners that they would witness terrible losses from both sides in the ending. Only one side can survive but the problem is that Laurel and her friends are not in the winning position. The last one or two pages just stuns you if you were the regular listener of this series.

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