Enhancer 2

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The second episode of the Enhancer series by Wyatt Kane after Enhancer: The Enhancer Series, Book 1 – Wyatt Kane. This starts with Ty Wilcox realization of his powers. He is portrayed as a person who could be called as the one who hates the super heroes or who do not believe in super heroes at all.

The situational irony reaches its peak when Wilcox feels super powers in his own body and becomes a super hero all of a sudden. The man has everything one can dream of, beautiful women not one but two and the most beautiful ones, super powers and of course a big mansion at his disposal all the time.

But as always with greater powers come greater responsibilities, he had to protect the device that has given him all the powers not only because without it he would lose his powers but also because it becomes his responsibility to save the device from evil villains that could use it for their own evil goals which could also result in the destruction of the whole human race.

Thus Ty Wilcox’s life of enjoyment vanishes as he starts living under the threat of being robbed all the time because his enemies can teleport and fly as well. There are a lot of women characters that are introduced time after time in the story and the element of war and destructive planning is what we deal with every now and then.

Chris Graves has captured the story quite well with the resonant voice that he possesses and used it fully in the narration of the whole thing. The story starts in a nice light way but toward the middle and till the end it becomes a bit corrosive as well because of the terrible fights and the slang language that is introduced by the writer.   


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