Escaping Home

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Escaping Home is another feather in the cap of A. American, which is a brilliant attempt on the contemporary science fiction genre. Hi writing is convincing and makes his audience believe and relate themselves with the characters. The book is part 3 of The Survivalist Series by the author, while its narration is given yet again by Duke Fontaine in a very emotional and soulful tone.

Who to trust when the entire society ceases to exist? A question that surrounds the entire plot of this novel.

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After the national grid of the entire country gets collapsed, America comes under the martial law and safety of people becomes a mere illusion. Violence erupts everywhere around Morgan Carter, who is just at the verge of taking the toughest decision of his life. The decision was to whether stay at his home and defend it from all threats or should he move to a safe and an isolated area, which is far away and secure from the spying government eyes.

Morgan along with his family was quite hesitant to leave their beloved home and the beautiful Lake County. But, the excessively suspicious things that were happening in a refugee camp nearby were giving him signs of constant threat. Morgan was determined along with his closest friends that he wouldn’t leave his home without putting up a fight against all the threats to their lives and home. They were fully determined to safeguard their freedom and to go to any extent for this.

Conflicted Home and Surviving Home are parts from The Survivalist Series by A. American. These will give you a good source of understanding the plight of people who are deprived of basic necessities and other means, while living in this contemporary world.





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