Extinction Countdown

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Extinction Countdown is the second novel in the beautiful and highly absorbing Extinction Series. It is masterfully written by James D. Prescott. The novel and the series itself is a contemporary science fiction fantasy, which is definitely a comfort zone of the author.

From narration perspective, it is the awesome performance of Gary Tiedemann, who managed to make it a great success with his outstanding voice quality, which is full of expression.

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The startling discovery of the phenomenal Dr. Jack Greek right underneath the Gulf of Mexico proved to the entire world that we were not the only and lone specie in this universe. However, when the pictures coming from the Voyager One space exposed an outlandish doomsday ship dashing towards the planet Earth then the entire human race looked checked and marked for mass extinction.

Just as the news of that dashing ship towards Earth spread, some serious panic was created all around the world. There were some signs of a sinister plot as well that begin to emerge. It was something huge that was threatening to undo the brittle fabric of the society, which was already quite weak. Threat was also for everything that Dr. Mia Ward and Jack have fought for so far.

However, is it possible for some mysterious signal coming from the inside ice sheet of the Greenland to unlock all the hidden secrets that exist within our genome and eventually inhibit the destruction of mankind? All this was still quite complicated and improbable.


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