Faith of the Fallen

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Faith of the Fallen is the 6th book from the long and beautiful Sword of Truth novel series. It is written by Terry Goodkind, who earned great repute as a writer with such a massive and highly grasping venture. This fantasy science fiction novel is a 30 hours long audio book and narration for this is given by John Kenneth, who has done a great job with his expressive voice.

The writer, Terry Goodkind has perhaps come up with his best in Faith of the Fallen novel, while putting the characters of Kahlan Amnell and Richard Rahl to come up with their best.

The due of Richard and Kahlan are up against the threats, which are risking the freedom of the world. The need for them is to struggle hard against the monolithic, relentless forces of the Imperial Order, but at the opposite ends of the world.

Richard gets captured by the Sister of the Dark ad he is taken very deep inside the Old World. On the other end, his dear Kahlan stays behind. He was free due to the sacrifice that Richard made for her, but still not willing to unrestraint the cause of the Midlands. Kahlan goes on to violate not only the prophecy but also the last pledge he made to Richard. He raised an army to fight and restrict the advancing group of the Imperial Order.

World’s First Rule and Blood of the Fold novels are written by Terry Goodkind. These recommended books shows the versatility of Terry as a writer and the uniqueness that he is able to maintain in his different novels, even if they belongs to the same series or not.






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    3 thoughts on “Faith of the Fallen”

    1. I’ve been enjoying the series and just started this book (I skipped the two prequels). I’m following the Tokybook order thus saving them. Mr. Goodkind is an author of note in the genre and somewhat early in the genre. I quite enjoyed the first six books and was underwhelmed by the last. I found it jumpy with too many new characters introduced. Because I write in a different genre, I am interested in the process. For example here we find a third narrator and in more contemporary works many authors are reluctant to change (continuity). I assume this is simply because the series is earlier than most audiobooks in the genre. I know that for me writing is about growth and that means some experimenting. It is is also about developing a team from translators to illustrators and even editors. The Good Spirits and The Sword of Truth know that I am constantly striving to improve my team. I’m looking forward to discovering if Mr. Goodkind has more dead ends (Finch or Drefan) , or gives us more from compelling characters like Adie, Zed, Nathan, Berdine and Shota. BAGS! I’ll just have to plod on and see. Thanks again to Team Tokybook for this most excellent site.

      • PS. I have mentioned before how I abhor the 9:00 chapters. I am hoping this is an aberration for this book alone. I also notice sadly that Cara has developed a Russian accent with this new narrator.


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