The Secret


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The Secret is a literature & fiction category novel. This is from K. L. Slater who has done some incredible literary work, especially with the writing of her suspenseful mystery thriller novels. One of her really good novels is The Silent One. Moreover, Slater was also loved a lot for her work in the writing of the Missing novel.

The audio narration of The Secret novel is done by Lucy Price-Lewis. Her performance in the majority of novels written by Slater has always been outstanding and the subject novel is no different in this regard.

The Secret

You might think that you can trust all those people whom you love the most in your life. But what will be the case when uncovering a certain secret that could just make you check and question everything you know? Almost every day, Louise used to pass by in the street which was quite confident, elegant, and determined.

But deep inside, she was struggling a lot. She had no idea about Alice, her sister who had been scared of leaving the house right since the death of their mother. She had no idea when Alice will be babysitting her little boy whose name was Archie. He at times was capable of seeing things that he shouldn’t see as such. She had no idea that Archie was harboring a secret as well. That secret could crack the heart of their very carefully constructed life of Louise.

The book has a captivating story and the top-quality narration and the excellent characters will make you listen to this excellent audio novel right from the start to end in just one go.


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