Fire and Ice

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Sophie Rose wanted to be on the right side of society because her passion was to rise high in a positive way. She never wanted to be like her father who was a criminal mastermind and was wanted by the police for a very long time. Starting as a newspaper reporter was an excellent start for Rose who was actually interested in the field.

Her determination made her success possible within no time. However, her struggle landed her in a pit once again when the newspaper authorities asked Rose to create a report on her own father. It was not possible for her because she didn’t want to get attached to her father in any way. As a result of this refusal, she was forced to leave her job but she didn’t care about all that stuff. Rose went away from city life and got settled in a far off town where no one recognized her.

There she started working with the local magazine during which she got the chance to work on insignificant news. Perhaps this was the best way to hide in the world that knows everything about her father. During her stay in the village, Rose heard the news of a dead body that was found in the snow.

According to the locals, the man was killed by a polar bear but Rose thinks that the case was not that simple. Along with a guard who is given to her for her protection Rose starts investigating the case and she is soon struck with the reality that her father’s legacy has followed her in Alaska as well. Grace Under Fire and Hotshot used to remind us of the greatness of the author Julie Garwood and now this book is also in the list of all times great.

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