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    Ruby’s mother was everything to her and on the day when she was killed by the soldiers of the Frost King, Ruby lost everything. Ruby wanted revenge at any cost and during her journey to the Frost King’s throne, she met Arcus. In Frostblood, Ruby learned to trust a Frostblood for the first time in her life. Arcus too started loving Ruby’s presence on his side and together they marched toward the Frost King.

    Ruby was finally able to melt down the throne of the Frost King and she finally avenged the death of her mother. The thing was not easy but it was achieved, at last, ironically it didn’t end the war. Minax i.e a powerful creature present on the throne was unleashed when the throne melted. Now the Minax is coming after Ruby and her near and dear ones. She has to stop the monster and for this, she goes to Sudesia where the Fireblood queen might be able to help her. Ruby needs someone who can teach her how to control her powers.


    Another Fireblood named Kai takes her to the queen and this makes Arcus a little afraid. Arcus thinks that Kai cannot be trusted but Ruby thinks that she is falling for the male member of her species. Minax is coming so Ruby has bigger issues to deal with and she can complete her lover story afterward.

    Narrated by Jennifer English, this series written by Elly Blake will end at Nightblood. The fate of the Fireblood and the Frostblood will get decided in the final chapter once and for all. Ruby has to give some importance to her love life as well because the future of her race is depending on it.

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