Five Ways to Fall

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Another new novel from the enchanting love world of K.A. Tucker, for some the author has let the love run wild in the dark forests. Mysteries about the characters make us think about them in different ways but all the time the listener remains clear about one thing i.e the passion of love between the main characters is true.

Elizabeth Louise who has narrated One Tiny Lie and Four Seconds to Lose  too narrates this novel in coordination with Deacon Lee. Reese MacKay the dominating character of the novel is famous for making wrong decisions in her life. Her every decision proves to be the wrong decision, even her marriage that ends in a big way and in a terrible mental state she goes to Miami.

In Cancun she after her one night stand with a handsome football player comes back home and decides that she would focus on her decisions and life from here on in. Ben Morris the man with whom she spent the night with lost all chances of getting into the football team because of an accident and thus he started working for another field.

Years later when Ben gets a job in the office after a hard struggle, he finds Reese in front of him but she is a changed lady and the daughter of his boss. Ben knows that finding any sort of connection with her will land him out of the office but he cannot resist the beauty of the girl he spent the night with. Reese on the other hand does not want to remember anything about that crazy night anymore because she has stopped herself from making the wrong decisions now.

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