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    Fulgrim is a top class contemporary science fiction novel. It is written by Graham McNeill in his signature writing style. The book stands as chapter 5 of the popular The Horus Heresy novel series. The audio version of this novel is over 15 hours. And all this is packed with outclass narration, which is done by David Timson in an awe inspiring manner.

    The Great Crusade lingers on its mission right under the leadership of Warmaster Horus, who was recently appointed for the job. The Primarch of the children of Emperor, Fulgrim, leads all his armed men into the fight up against a abhorrent alien enemy. Fulgrim was totally unaware about the darker forces, which actually have already set their eyes over the Imperium of Man.


    The loyalties were thoroughly tested and then every of the mortal impulse indulged just as the children of Emperor take their initial steps right down the path towards the true corruption. It was actually a road that will lead them ultimately towards the Isstvan V killing fields.

    Graham McNeill is exceptional and also considered as one of the best novelist of Black Library. The treacherous character of Fulgrim is amazing, which is created by the author in a masterful manner. The author gave in depth look over the decent of Fulgrim into the demonic excess, which was an awesome experience for the listeners. For many of the followers of The Horus Heresy novel series, this one is the most favorite of all.

    Graham McNeill is a top class author and has got several other fictional novels to his credit. A couple of his must listen audio books are A Thousand Sons and False Gods.


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