Guards! Guards!

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Get ready to know all about the dragon world and its origin, dragons are not new creatures to the world of fiction but their origin is new. People have heard about the dragons, their supreme flight and their fire breathing power but where do they go after destroying the villages no one knows. Also where do they lay their eggs or store food for the winter season. Terry Pratchett comes with all of such answers in detail. It is author’s Discworld where usually all the action takes place all the time, Pyramids and Wyrd Sisters are fine examples of odd worlds that we saw in stories.

Dragons after their hunt in the rest of the universe come back to the Discworld for a rest where the feel that they are perfectly safe and sound. Just like the bears they become dormant for a while but it does not mean that they are dead. Rather they pack themselves in their own kind of a cocoon in order to sleep throughout the season. But for the dragons the season does not mean a season of months, it could be a span of hundreds of years before they once again come back to their active life.

At the start of the story it has been a while when someone actually saw a dragon flying in the air. Some think that they have finally become extinct while others are of the view that they are still locked out there somewhere. All the finder has to do is find the key first to the door behind which the gigantic monsters known as dragons still exist in hibernation.

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