Halt’s Peril

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Rangers face a deadly threat and for one of the old warriors the thing has become quite personal, the Outsiders are on the run but this is only a smoke screen. Outsiders have been able to divide the land into two parts and the people of the land are not in their full strength now. The people have been so busy in their personal issues and fights that they have not been able to forge a proper plan against the terrible group of the outlaws. Halt along with his group is on the chase because these outlaws killed his brother and now they wish to capture Araluen.

Halt has Will and Horace with him since Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 8: Kings of Clonmel and now after saving Clonmel they want to settle the matter with the Outsiders forever. The thing is not easy as the enemy is clever and far more superior in many things that are yet to find out. Rangers tackling the issue are going down one by one and the trio thinks that it has the proper plan set up for the enemy.

After Erak’s Ransom the books are loaded with more fight scenes and tragedies, the characters are fully developed now thus there is no change in their attitude or behavior. John Keating has also left experimentation with the voice because it is not needed anymore.

There are several things in the series that have become static now except the passion that just keeps on growing more and more. For some of the characters in the series this part appears to be the last one and we might not see them in the tenth part.






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    Kings of Clonmel

    The Emperor of Nihon-Ja


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