Happily Never After

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After every single part, there is one that drifts a little away from the action-packed happenings that are going on in the series. In such parts, secondary characters get introduced that further don’t move on in the series. It is the wedding of Isabella Spaga when the story starts; by the looks of it, there is something that is teasing the girl.

Her nervous looks tell the tale, she is hesitant to go with the man that she has married, and here a vampire enters the wedding room. The name of the vampire is Chance and he has come especially to interrupt the wedding because he among the rest knows the truth behind everything. A wedding is like a compromise for Isabella and the rest of her life after the wedding would be a nightmare if she goes with the groom. Thus Chance comes as a hero and completes the mission that was in the mind of Bones.

He helps Bones by stopping the wedding and then the vampire instinct comes in the way. Chance after having a glance at the girl is mesmerized by her charm and thinks that he can have her as his own. Narrated by Tavia Gilbert again but is not linked to Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave.

The book is like a break for the main characters by Jeaniene Frost after which the author will come back to the main action again. Catherine will once again need the help of Bones to survive the deadly team that seems to be on her hunt and they will not retreat this time without achieving their goal.


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