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Lisa Gardner started the series with a bang and the first series was a master stroke that was full of mystery and thrill. The good thing about the writer is that she does not tell you everything about the characters at the start of the story. The characters open themselves in front of us through monologue or some other device of such kind.

Thus we are attached to the story all the time and cannot skip even the least part of the novel. D.D. Warren and Bobby Dodge join forces once again as the mission is a terrible one. Bobby Dodge has not been feeling one hundred percent mentally because something has been haunting him for years and the more he wants to digest it out of his system the more terrifying it becomes. This time however the mummified corpses bring his nightmares to the real world once again. The killer that he thought was long dead has come to life once again.

The only clue he has is the name of girl that was written on the necklace of a dead body. Annabelle Granger the girl with now clear picture of her past has finally decided to stay and wait for the killer. She too knows that she can’t run away from the killer thus the wise thing to do is to face him. Bobby and Warren like always start to pick up clues and the more they do so the more their fear about the killer increases.

One thing is crystal clear for both of them that they are dealing with a psychopath who has other motives for killing along with some revenge issues. A multilayered story, something we observed in the previous volume Alone  as well. The story moves in different dimension and then towards the climax the characters and the different sections of the story come on the same page for the grand ending that is bound to impress the listener.





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    1. Hello, I think you uploaded the wrong files for; “Hide” by Lisa Gardner. I just read Alone, and these are the same audio files as that one. Do you think you could upload the right files, because I sure would love to read this series.

      If I’m mistaken, please inform me.


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